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At LuvLola, we are passionate about bag making, and we want to share that passion with you. That's why we offer a wide selection of hardware, webbing, and fabric, as well as helpful tutorials and a supportive community, Baggie Baddies. Join today & discover the art of bag making.

Too Koot Collection

Too Koot Collection

Pre-ordering is open until Feb 20th. Orders will be placed and turn around is approx 6 weeks; with an ETA of April 7th. If you place an order including retail AND pre-order stock you will receive an invoice for shipping once they arrive.

This is a light weight vinyl with a thickness of aprox 0 .77 mm.

LuvLola recommends interfacing when intended for bagmaking.

For strict structure stabilizing is neccessary.

Domestic machine friendly.

Backing is similiar to a felt material.

Cut is approximately 17"-18" × 53"-56"


There may be some markings on back of fabric that will not interfere with projects.

Any wrinkles can easily be eliminated with light heat.

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