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 My Patterns!


Check out my YouTube channel for tutorials on newly released patterns, sewing  tips and reviews on vendors

Let's make the Flora by Khembuzz Designs!


While I have your attention!

Are you a pattern designer??

bag and purse pattern designers
handmade purses

I think we all know tutorials sell patterns.

Some sewist will not attempt a bag without one (that used to be me lol).

Do you have a pattern you would like me to make a tutorial for? 

Message me here


I will post the tutorial on my YouTube channel & send you a copy.

You are free to use the video as you see fit.

There is a flat rate of $125.

I require two weeks to produce a video.

My tutorials will include bag measurements & whatever information you would like shared.

My tutorials are clear, precise and to the point.

My YouTube channel has over 5,000 subscribers and growing.

Put your pattern in front of thousands of eager bagmakers!

Let's make the Simplistic Sling by Oro Rosa!


Let's make the Avellena by Shamballa!


Let's make the Sequoia by Shamballa!


Let's make the Meyra by SewingArtz!


Let's make the Pachira by Shamballa!


Let's make the Tiny Quilted Beast by Oro Rosa Patterns!


Let's make the Moon bag by Inaliti Patterns!


Let's make the Anya by SewingArtz!


Let's make the Gaviota by Shamballa!


Let's make the Alondra by Shamballa!


Let's learn how to make our own labels! 


Let's make the Almendra strap by Shamballa!


Join me as I make my new pattern, the Jelani!


Let's make the Libella Dragonfly by SewingArtz!


Let's make the Jakelyne by SewingArtz!


Let's make the Almendra by Shamballa!


Let's make the Louie by UhOh Creations!


Let's make the Esmeralda by Shamballa!

The easiest recessed zipper you will ever make!

Let's make the Mini Alice by Oro Rosa Patterns!

Making the Little Yenna by SewingArtz!

Let's make a easy clutch with one piece of fabric!

Let's visit some of my favorite local Houston shops!

Let's make a chic & fast wristlet strap!

Let's make the Saddle Bag by Inaliti Patterns!

Let's make the Rosario by Shamballa!

Unboxing from Boltz Bagz Fauxz, Crazy Chic Vinyl, Atelier Fiber Arts & Emmaline Bags

Let's make the Nora by TobiStylx

Let's make the Zafiro by Shamballa

I can't believe these huge leather remnants are only $10!

Bag of the Month Club tutorial!

Making the Michael Traveler by UhOh Creations

Let's get crafty!

Designing our very own vinyl panel with gold foil and OdiCoat!

How cute is this bag??

Let's make the France by Shamballa!

How cool is this bag?

Let's make the Perla by Shamballa!

Your new favorite backpack! Let's make the Amahle Mini Convertible

Let's make the Amahle Mini Convertible!

Rae Clutch Tutorial using Scrapbuster Strips
Part 1

Mabel by Swoon Tutorial

Essential Add-on Wallet & Wristlet Tutorial