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At LuvLola, we are passionate about bag making, and we want to share that passion with you. That's why we offer a wide selection of hardware, webbing, and fabric, as well as helpful tutorials and a supportive community, Baggie Baddies. Join today & discover the art of bag making.

The Moonwake by Lavender & Twine Quick Kit

The Moonwake by Lavender & Twine Quick Kit


*This is not an actual bag; this is a hardware kit*

Easily grab the necessary hardware for your Vadon.

Gold only.

LuvLola Quick Kits are modified with unique Luv Lola pieces I used to make this bag.

It may differ slightly from the hardware listed by the pattern designer.

Gold only.

Sorry, no substitutions.... well, message me and we can talk about it.


Kit includes:

-1” D-Rings - x2

-1” Strap Slider - x1

-1” Swivel Clasps - x2

-3/4” Buckles - x4

-3/4” Rectangle Rings - x8

-3/4” Strap Ends - x4

-1” Strap Ends - x2

-1 yard of #5 Zipper Tape ( pick your color)

-Magnetic Snaps - x2

-30- 8mm rivets

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