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Luv Lola bagmaking supplies are perfect for adding a designer style to any bag.
Featuring trendy and unique designs, our beautiful  collection is sure to make a statement.
Make your bag stand out in a crowd and add a little bit of luxury to it with our stylish and unique materials.

Introducing Hardware Kits!

Luv Lola will be providing "Quick Kits" for select patterns.

Shop zippers & zipper pulls
Browse webbing 
Browse Fabric 

When it comes to producing hardware in bulk the plating color does fluctuate. While I place an emphasis on consistency with my supplier, there may be slight discrepancies between batches. These are minor and generally not noticeable on a bag.

beautiful heart hardware, swivel hook and keychain for bags and purses

Shop decorative hardware 

Bamboo hardware for bagmaking

Shop handles
& chains

decorative metal insects and bees and butterflies for purses and bags

Shop Insects and Creepy Crawlers

zipper pulls for purses and bags

zipper pulls

hardware for bags and purses, bridge hardware for bagmaking

Shop D-Rings, connectors & bridges 

unique swivel hook for bags and purses. Hardware for bags and purses

Shop hooks
& such

bamboo turnlock for bags and purses

Shop locks

unique and beautiful grommet hardware for making bags and purses

Shop grommets

Buckle lock hardware for purse or bag strap

Shop sliders
& buckles

Gold purse and bag hardware

Shop our Whoopsie! color selection

Beautiful hardware for making bags and purses and wallets. Turnlocks, swivel hooks, bag handles, tassle, tassel, grommets, sliders, strap adjusters, decorative insects and bugs, purse decorations

They're slightly flawed, 
but still get "awes!"

Shop perfectly imperfect pieces

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